Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon
2023 Charity

Charity runner application closed in May 2023

Charity runner application closed in May 2023

Let's bring smiles to parents and children with your running.
Florence, a certified non-profit organization,is an official charity of the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 Charity.

Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023
Date: Sunday, October 15, 2023
Course: Half marathon course to and from the National Stadium
Application period: Friday, April 28, 2023 - Friday, May 26, 2023
Number of applicants: 100 (First-come, first-served basis)
Participation requirements:
Those who donate 50,000 yen or more to Florence and wish to participate in the Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon 2023 as charity runners to promote our charity activities.

  • Your right to run in the Tokyo Marathon will be confirmed upon entry to the race and payment of the entry fee.
    Entry period: June 1 (Thursday) to June 8 (Thursday)
    Entry fee: 13,200 yen (including consumption tax *System usage fee will be charged separately)
  • Running as a charity runner is not mandatory.

for Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon
2023 Charity

Become a Charity Runner for Florence!!

Donor programs available to charity runners who have donated to Florence as part of the Tokyo Marathon Charity program (Details of the charity program at the Tokyo Marathon 2023).

★Invitation to running events
★Running events with nanny service
★Use of hospitality areas on the day of the Marathon
★Original novelty goods, etc.

Corporate applications are also welcome! If your corporation is applying for more than one person, you may apply for a charity for the number of people.

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for Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon
2023 Charity

Aiming for a society where families of all kinds do live with smiles

Florence is an authorized non-profit organization committed to resolving the social issues that get in the way of parent-child well-being and deliver a "new normal" to all parents and children.

Florence creates and implements "small solutions" to social problems as social systems, and at times works with national and local governments to spread them throughout the country as systems.

Since its establishment in 2004, we have been working to solve various social issues related to parents and children, such as child poverty, abuse, and solitary child rearing.

With your support, Florence will continue to take on new challenges.

for Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon
2023 Charity

What Florence wants to achieve together with you

Social Issues that Florence Addresses

- One in seven children in Japan is under relative poverty.
- One newborn baby is abandoned or abused and dies every two weeks in Japan.
- While medical advances have saved newborns weighing as little as 500 grams, there is a lack of childcare care and support for families with exceptional children.

In order to solve these social issues, Florence has been developing new projects funded by donations as follows;

- In 2008, the program began providing childcare for children sick at home at a low price to single parents who are in financial need.
- In 2014, the first day-care center(nursery school) in Japan to provide long-time specialized care for exceptional children was opened.
- In 2016, started a special adoption program and Florence's original counseling services for women suffering from unexpected pregnancies. We aim to the goal of zero abusive baby deaths.
- In 2017, we launched the "Meal Delivery and Consultation for Families Experiencing Hardship" program. The program deliver food on a regular basis to prevent child-rearing families with various difficulties, such as economic hardship, from becoming isolated.

In addition to this project, we have been implementing the "New Corona Children's Emergency Assistance Project" since 2020, which has provided support to more than 60,000 families.

Florence also focuses on clarify issues and policy advocacy with the aim of fundamentally resolving social issues, and in March 2023, the Japanese government announced a draft plan to address the declining birthrate.

The government's March 2023 draft plan to address the declining birthrate includes a number of policies that Florence has been implementing and advocating, including Improvement of standards for the assignment of childcare workers and a system that would allow children to use daycare regardless of whether or not they have been "certified as needing childcare" based on their parents' employment status and other factors.

Your support through the Tokyo Marathon 2023 Charity will bring smiles to even more parents and children.

for Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon
2023 Charity

Komazaki Hiroki


It has already been 4 years since I finished the 42.195 km Tokyo Marathon 2019 for the first time in my life.
It was crazy hard. However I was able to finish the race. Beause of the presence of parents and children who use Florence's services, the cheers from the staff along the way, and the Florence charity runners who were running with the same passion. Thank you very much for supporting.

Just as in a marathon, the support and action of each and every one of us will brighten the future of many parents and children tomorrow and for years to come.

There is an African proverb that says;

"If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together."

We can accomplish together with all of you what we could not accomplish alone.
Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon was established last year.

Let's work together with Florence to create a society where families of all kinds can live with smiles.
Let's run together.

for Tokyo Legacy Half Marathon
2023 Charity

About us

KDX Jimbocho Bld.3F, 1-14-1, Kandajimbocho, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo, 101-0051, Japan
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Florence, a certified non-profit organization, is an official charity of the RUN with HEART.

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